December 16, 2021

How Are Wrongful Death Settlements Calculated?

When a loved one passes away due to circumstances outside their control, you deserve compensation for that crushing loss. But what’s in that compensation?
December 16, 2021

How Are Unpaid Wages Treated in Bankruptcy?

When your employer files for bankruptcy, you may feel left in the lurch. What happens to your wages that remain unpaid when your employer goes bankrupt?
December 6, 2021

What Protections Are in Place for Whistleblowers?

If you alert the public to mismanagement or malice on your company’s part, federal law grants you some protections. How do those protections work?
November 23, 2021

5 Tips for Reporting Unpaid Wages in Idaho

If you work beyond your scheduled hours per week, your employer must pay you for that time. What recourse do you have if they don’t? Find out here.
November 15, 2021

Who Is Responsible if You’re Injured While Hunting?

No matter where you’re hunting, there are risks and benefits to the sport. If an unfortunate outcome like injury or death occurs, who is at fault?
November 11, 2021

Who Should You Report Sexual Harassment To?

If you’re being harassed in the workplace, sexually or otherwise, you’ve got a wide network of folks who specialize in those cases and can help you. […]
November 9, 2021

5 Mistakes To Avoid After a Car Accident

Surviving a car crash is already a traumatizing ordeal, but be careful with the next choices you make, as they can affect your accident case going forward.
October 28, 2021

The Kind of Lawyer You Need for an Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

If your paycheck looks a little slim, investigate where that missing money went. Seek an attorney’s guidance if you believe you aren’t being paid.