Defective tires cause thousands of injuries every year. If you’re one of them, a defective tires lawyer located in Idaho may be able to help you. When you spend a lot of time on the road, or even if you just drive your car locally to commute to and from work, you depend on your tires to get you where you’re going safely. Tires are manufactured to strict standards, however, tire defects can result from equipment failures or the negligence of staff members on site at the time your tire was made. Tire defects cause and contribute to a number of vehicle accidents that can cause serious personal injuries or even death. Here are a few examples of different ways a tire can be defective:

  • Old tires that have spent too much time on a warehouse shelf, causing the rubber to age and break down
  • Separation of the tire tread from the tire itself, caused by poor bonding between the rubber and the steel belt during the process of manufacturing
  • Mismatched or misplaced tires
  • Used tires that were sold to you as new tires
If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle accident that you believe to be the result of a defective tire, you need to seek the assistance of an attorney from Idaho who specializes in defective tire cases right away. The manufacturer of the tires or the retailer of the tires may be liable for the accident their defective tires caused, and you have a right to seek full and fair compensation for any damage done to your vehicle and personal injuries sustained by you or a loved one. Rossman Law Group has extensive experience in working with people injured by defective tires and can represent you with determination and aggression. We will work hard for you and fight for your right to receive damages that fully cover the costs incurred by you due to defective tires. Call a defective tires lawyer from Boise, Idaho today for a consultation.