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As one of the leading Boise law firms, Rossman Law Group represents clients in cases that involve personal injury, medical malpractice, and employment law. Our legal advocacy is unwavering and fully comprehensive, beginning right from your initial consultation. The professionals at our Boise law firm always keep two goals in mind: our client’s comfort and their desired outcome. We understand that the legal process can be difficult and intimidating, so we take the time to explain the process to you in order to establish clear expectations. We remain results focused every step of the way so that we can reach a fair and reparative legal outcome. Call Rossman Law Group today to schedule a consultation with a practiced employment, medical malpractice, or personal injury lawyer.

Medical Malpractice: The medical world teems with risks and rewards. Many people benefit from medical care, but some are, unfortunately, victims of neglect, malpractice, and more. At our Boise law group, we represent clients who have been victims of things such as nursing home negligence, prescription drug birth defects, and more. For a free consultation to determine if we can help represent you, contact us today.

Employment Law: Throughout one’s employment, an employee can face discrimination, equal pay issues, harassment, and more. At our Boise law group, we ensure those who have faced discrimination, prejudice, harassment, and many more issues feel as if they can get the representation and reprimands they need for their suffering and injustice. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Personal Injury Litigation: Life often has danger around every corner. The lawyers at our Boise law group understand, though, that we cannot live in fear. That is why we will represent you in the case of injury caused by another people’s negligence. Whether it is a car wreck due to another driver’s negligence or a slip and fall where signage should have been posted, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if we can represent you and your case.