Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Meridian, ID

If you have been injured, neglected, or discriminated against, you don’t have to take that treatment lying down. A powerful ally is just a phone call away.


Rossman Law Group is the premier firm of personal injury lawyers in Meridian, ID, and through our years of experience, we’ve grown accustomed to winning cases. We prioritize our clients’ comfort and desired outcomes above all else, and we’re here to hold your hand through the lawsuit process. If you need a medical malpractice attorney or employment law expert, we can help. We are passionate about fighting for justice for you and a fair settlement for your unfair ordeal.


When you contact Rossman Law Group for your free legal consultation, our personal injury lawyers in Meridian, ID, will listen to every word of your story. We’ll discuss your expectations and advise you on how injury cases work in the courtroom. With our team of attorneys, you’re putting your case in the right hands.


If you were hurt or neglected in a hospital and require a medical malpractice attorney, Rossman Law Group is here. You should feel safe and taken care of in a hospital environment, and we’re dedicated to fighting for those who were injured under a doctor’s care. Life can be unfair, but we’re here to get you the justice you deserve.


In addition to the best personal injury lawyers in Meridian, ID, Rossman Law Group is also home to a top-tier team of employment law attorneys. If you have been harassed in the workplace, or if you are not being paid for your labor, call us for a free consultation. We know all the ins and outs of employment law in Idaho, and we will help you make your workplace a safe and comfortable environment.


Whether you’ve been hurt by a slip-and-fall accident or neglected in a nursing home, our empathetic and compassionate attorneys will advocate for you. We’re here to fight for fairness, justice, and compensation for your misfortune. Contact us today for your free legal consultation. We’re here to listen to you and take action on your behalf.