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Common Types of Motor Vehicle Injury Lawsuits

Motor vehicle accidents can end in serious personal injury. Whether the incident involved a car, a motorcycle, an 18-wheeler, or even a boat, you may be able to litigate against the negligent party. Here are a few of the most common types of motor vehicle injury lawsuits to know.

Car Accident

Car accidents are by far the most common motor vehicle incident. When you are personally injured in a car accident, you have insurance forms and auto repairs to deal with on top of receiving medical care and recovering from the event. A car accident can leave you with lasting medical issues after experiencing whiplash, broken bones, or even a brain injury. Because car accidents often have a clearly negligent party involved, it is important to consult with a lawyer to determine if you can file a claim against the person. Lawyers can also help you handle the paperwork and interface with insurance companies so you can focus on healing.

Defective Tires

Tires are manufactured with strict regulations that need to be met to ensure long-term safety for vehicles on the road. However, there are times where faulty tires are responsible for motor vehicle accidents. Behind every faulty tire is a manufacturing oversight, an inappropriate tire sale, or an improper installation. Tires can be manufactured inadequately, allowing the tire tread to separate from the tire body in the event of strenuous use. Also, tire salespeople can disingenuously sell old tires as new ones, putting your safety at risk. Further, tires can be mismatched or improperly installed, making it easier for an accident to occur. If you believe the car accident you or a loved one was involved in was caused by a bad tire, set up a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in defective tires like those on our team here at Rossman Law Group.

Bicycle Accident

Depending on where you live, people may prefer bicycles to other forms of transportation. Whenever a bicyclist is on the roadway, other motorists need to be extra vigilant. If you have been in a bicycle accident, know that there are legal options for you to pursue. When riding your bike, you should not need to worry about irresponsible or aggressive drivers. If someone did not correctly stop at a stop sign, check their blind spot, or allow the proper distance between you and their vehicle, you should contact an attorney.

18-Wheeler Accident

18-wheelers are incredibly large motor vehicles that, when handled improperly, can cause significant personal injury to those involved in an accident. These injuries can leave unsuspecting motorists on the roadways with injuries that will stay with them for the rest of their life. If a big rig driver failed to follow trucking safety laws, was driving recklessly, improperly secured their load, or was even driving under the influence, you may be able to file a lawsuit. 18-wheeler operators and their companies are responsible for hiring qualified and experienced drivers who should know when to pull over if fatigued or drowsy. You could be entitled to compensation, so contact a personal injury lawyer in Boise like those on our staff at Rossman Law Group.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are thrilling to ride. However, in the event of an accident, serious personal injury can occur. All motorists on the roads and highways need to be aware of motorcyclists and exercise caution when changing lanes, turning, and driving behind a motorcycle. Because motorcycle accidents often result in devastating injuries, you could be left with immense pain and large hospital bills. If you were in an accident where a car was being operated improperly or the driver was otherwise negligent, you should seek compensation.

Bus Accident

Buses are used for all sorts of transportation purposes. From public transportation to school buses to cross-country shuttling, hundreds of thousands of people take a bus to wherever they need to go. Because people who use the bus are only passengers and have no control over the decisions of the bus driver or other motorists on the road, they are victims without any control of the incident. Bus accidents result in serious injury for many passengers because of varying safety policies where people may not be wearing seatbelts or could be standing freely on the bus. If you were personally injured due to a bus accident, you should get legal counsel to determine if you can make a claim.

Pedestrian Accident

Motor vehicle lawsuits do not require you to be in a vehicle when the incident occurred. If you were injured as a pedestrian by a car or other vehicle on the roadway, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Common pedestrian accidents include being hit while in a crosswalk, sideswiped by a vehicle, hit while walking in a parking lot, and hit while exiting a vehicle. In all these situations, you are vulnerable without any protection, which can cause you devastating injury. Many pedestrian accidents end in brain injuries, loss of limbs, or severe scrapes and burns. If you or a loved one was hit by a car in this way, you need to consult with an attorney and obtain legal advice concerning your situation.

Boating Accident

Though these accidents do not occur on the roads, they are motor vehicle accidents nonetheless and can cause serious personal injury. The waterways are often used for recreation and fun, yet they pose a real danger if a negligent operator is present. When boating accidents occur, excessive speed, inattention, carelessness, and substance misuse are often to blame. You may now be stuck with significant bills to pay for property damage and medical expenses. If you or a loved one have been personally injured due to a negligent boat operator, you should contact an attorney to seek rightful compensation.

Knowing these common types of motor vehicle injury lawsuits can help you make a better decision about your situation. Regardless of the vehicle involved in your accident, you should seek compensation for any personal injury or other losses you experienced. If you want to learn more or receive quality legal advice, contact us here at Rossman Law Group and request a free consultation. You deserve to be protected, represented, and supported.

Common Types of Motor Vehicle Injury Lawsuits