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October 7, 2020
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October 15, 2020

You want your elderly loved ones to receive the best care possible. Especially if they are in assisted living or a nursing home, as you are not able to provide this attentive care yourself. Since you are relying on others to do their jobs well and care for those you care about, you need to be aware of anything going on. These are the telltale signs of nursing home negligence to watch out for.

Poor Personal Hygiene

With age, most people become increasingly incapable of cleaning, washing, and otherwise caring for their personal hygiene. This is one of the biggest reasons older adults live in nursing homes. However, those responsible for providing adequate care to your loved one may not be doing it at all. If your loved one smells like urine or feces, or they are wearing dirty clothes, you need to take notice. There could be serious oversight and incapacity to provide the proper standard of care.

Unexplained Injuries

Aging bodies are more vulnerable, and they are prone to falling often and breaking bones. However, if you notice broken bones, bruises, or other injuries on your loved one’s body, ask them about it. If they cannot give a good reason or you are suspicious of intentional harm, you need to get in contact with a nursing home negligence lawyer.

Emotional Instability

Unfortunately, many people living in nursing homes have mental health issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. However, many do not and are relatively sharp mentally. If your loved one is normally very mentally capable and emotionally sound, yet they have a drastic shift in mood, there may be something going on. Caregivers can cause emotional instability by belittling, controlling, or even threatening those in their care. If you are suspecting emotional abuse and want to do something about it, seek legal counsel immediately.

By knowing the telltale signs of nursing home negligence, you can be better prepared to handle an incident if it happens. Be on the lookout for these symptoms of abuse and neglect. If you do notice them, reach out to one of the Idaho lawyers on our team here at Rossman Law Group for a free consultation.