Types of Medical Malpractice Cases
Types of Medical Malpractice Cases
September 14, 2020
Evidence Needed in a Premises Liability Case
Evidence Needed in a Premises Liability Case
September 22, 2020

Discrimination, unfair compensation, and harassment—unfortunately, all of these situations and more can happen in the workplace. If you are looking to get legal counsel and set up a consultation with an attorney, plan out what to ask your employment lawyer.

Ask About Their Experience

It is important to understand the reputation and knowledgeability of a lawyer before choosing them to be your representative in a case. Ask an employment lawyer about their experience. See what other kinds of law they practice and what their results have been thus far. Also, inquire about the types of employment cases they have handled to understand their range and ability. If they do not give you a straight answer or if they are hesitant to discuss other cases, they may not be the right choice for you.

Ask Them What They Need From You

Ask your employment lawyer what they need from you. This is a critical step because they may ask for particular documentation or records about you, your employer, or the incident in question. They may also need you to recount your experience in detail, so make sure that you are prepared with notes about the incident. For example, if you are speaking with a wage claim attorney, they may need to know specifics about your paychecks and salary. The lawyer is there to help you, but they do need to gather evidence to know if there is currently enough to work with.

Ask About Your Likely Results

Many attorneys that practice employment law have likely handled many cases similar to yours. Ask your attorney how they would anticipate a claim like yours turning out. Because they have taken cases through the legal process dozens of times, they will have a good idea of the settlement you may be able to achieve.

Ask About Next Steps

After you have asked all the questions you have for your attorney or when you feel the conversation ending, ask them about the next steps. This is an important action to take because it both shows your attorney that you are very serious about pursuing legal options and allows them to explain what is expected of you in the days and weeks to come.

When seeking legal counsel, be sure to know what to ask your employment lawyer. If you believe you have been unethically or unfairly treated at work, schedule a free consultation with a lawyer from our Boise employment law team here at Rossman Law Group, PLLC.