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What To Do if You Get Hurt While on a Construction Site
January 6, 2021
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January 21, 2021

People cherish their first moments with their child, but this assumes a happy and healthy delivery. The sad truth is that not every birth ends on an emotional high note. Before you enter labor, you should prepare yourself for any medical possibility. Read on to learn about the different types of birth injuries.

Head Trauma

In an ideal birthing situation, your baby’s head exits the womb first. However, this doesn’t mean your child’s head won’t suffer harm. Depending on the positioning, the baby’s head can become bruised or cut, causing physical trauma. Though scalp scratches and injuries from medical instruments are sometimes unavoidable, your physician should do everything in their power to deliver your child safely.

Bone Fractures

Birth is a difficult process that requires physical exertion. During the process of delivery, the baby may be poorly positioned. The pressure could fracture the collarbone. Similarly, if the baby’s shoulder comes out the wrong way, it may result in bone breakage. Due to the restricted space and physical nature of delivery, if a physician improperly guides the baby out, it could suffer harm.

Internal Bleeding

Babies undergo significant pressures and contortions during birth that may result in internal bleeding. The most common kinds relate to the head. For example, small blood vessels may break during the stress of birth, resulting in red rings inside their eyes. Internal brain bleeding is quite critical, especially since it can leave a lasting impact. It is normal for swelling to occur around the cranium outside of the skull, but ask your physician to monitor for any internal problems.

Learn more about the different types of birth injuries, so you are ready for every circumstance. Medical professionals should notice, account for, and work around problems before and during labor. If your child experiences problems or injuries related to birth, reach out to an Idaho birth injury attorney at Rossman Law Group to begin your path of legal recourse.