The Different Types of Birth Injuries
The Different Types of Birth Injuries
January 11, 2021
How To Prove Your Birth Injury Case
How To Prove Your Birth Injury Case
February 3, 2021

Whether you are currently employed or looking for employment, the state of your womb shouldn’t determine your eligibility for a job. Yet, people consistently deny women employment opportunities or fire them from their current jobs due to pregnancy. This is an injustice, and you ought to receive due compensation for such actions. Here is how to prove pregnancy discrimination.

Describe the Situation

The circumstances surrounding your candidacy rejection or termination greatly shape how your pregnancy discrimination claims hold up before the law. You must first describe the situation in full to a legal professional. You should write out the details of the incident before you discuss it with anyone else, so you have time to recall every aspect of the interaction. You should also include notes about the instances leading up to the termination or dismissal. These will come in handy when proving the presence of pregnancy discrimination.

The whole situation provides a better context for your case, but it also helps legal professionals determine how best to move forward. For example, if a woman had previously been underperforming with several verbal and written warnings, a claim against termination that coincides with pregnancy may not hold as much weight. Though this is an obvious simplification and, in this scenario, pregnancy discrimination plays a factor, you must describe the situation in full. Only then can your lawyer prescribe the best course of action and argumentation.

Work With a Trained Legal Professional

You must work with a trained legal professional; otherwise, your claim will not move forward. Only a lawyer will know how to navigate the complexities of these legal cases. You may feel like your case isn’t worth fighting for or that your situation isn’t as bad as others’, but this is simply not true. Your experience is worth digging deeper into and fighting for with a lawyer. If you need an employment attorney in Boise, Idaho, contact our team at Rossman Law Group to request a consultation.

Prepare a Claim

Your claim is the legal document that delineates your situation and the evidence you present. This paperwork expresses the presence of pregnancy discrimination and describes how it happened in detail. The employer or other defendant will then receive this claim and initiate the legally-regulated reconciliation.

It is important to note that laws protecting pregnant women from discrimination do not include treating them better because of the pregnancy. Rather, they enforce the equal treatment of pregnant women as with all employees, condemning instances of discriminatory behavior in everything from hiring to firing.

Learn how to prove pregnancy discrimination so you can properly defend yourself. Your career is no less significant or meaningful because of your pregnancy, and your employer should understand that. Legal aid can help you find the resolution you seek, so reach out to an attorney from Rossman Law Group for support today.