How To File a Lawsuit Against Someone
How To File a Lawsuit Against Someone
April 9, 2021
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Common Ways Employers Discriminate Against Disabilities
April 26, 2021

Nursing homes are great solutions for older adults with intensive health needs. While nursing homes can be vibrant communities full of energy, they can also be quite the opposite. If you ever witness harm or abuse at a nursing home, here is how to address nursing home negligence.

Talk With the Elderly Person

Nursing home neglect is a form of abuse that results in physical or emotional harm. When a staff member intentionally fails to provide care, it can result in health problems or even death. If you witness something, you should speak to the person who suffered the neglect right away.

In many cases, this person will be your direct relative, so you can speak plainly and ask about their situation. If you don’t know the person, approach the topic carefully and try not to upset them. No matter who you talk with, be sure to emphasize that you want to help them and that you see their pain. Many older adults in these situations may feel helpless to change their circumstances or forget about past abuses. Do your best to listen well and get the truth.

Report the Abuse to the Authorities

In any case where abuse is part of the picture—no matter if the person is young or old—you must report the issue to the authorities. You should first call 911 and talk with law enforcement. You can also reach out to Adult Protective Services and coordinate with social workers for a more holistic response. Many instances of neglect are not isolated, especially at a nursing home. If you want to go after more structural issues, contact a local ombudsperson who can investigate maladministration reports.

Find Legal Aid

If the person experiencing nursing home negligence is a family member, find legal aid for support in this process. The person who committed such egregious acts of harm against your loved one deserves repercussions. A lawyer can help you get the compensation and resolution you deserve. If you need legal support fighting nursing home negligence, reach out to our team of Idaho lawyers at Rossman Law Group today.

Knowing how to address nursing home negligence can make a huge difference in your ability to fight for those without a voice. Whether you know the victims or not, any action is meaningful because it is one step closer to ending unlawful behavior against older adults.