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Common Ways Employers Discriminate Against Disabilities

When you have a mental or physical disability, you know that the workplace is not always a supportive or kind place. Shunning, discrimination, harassment—some people look for ways to tear others down and ostracize them. Here are the most common ways employers discriminate against disabilities and what to do about it.

Discrimination From the Get-Go

When an employer meets with a job candidate, they only know the name of a person, the information on a resume and cover letter, and anything they can find on social media—if they even look, that is. Well, imagine walking—or video calling—into an interview, and all of a sudden, this prospective employer notices your wheelchair. People can make a snap decision and treat you differently based solely on your disability. Employers may take one look at a person and deem them unfit for the role. This is an illegal practice, but many disabled people deal with it every day.

Harassment at the Workplace

Suppose you get the job and are several months into working. Whether your disability is physical or mental, you’ll need certain accommodations to meet your work standards. However, your employer or even your coworkers may harass you because of these accommodations. Such behavior is unacceptable and unlawful, especially if it impairs your ability to work.

Exclusion From Tasks

Some people with disabilities face reasonable limitations that may keep them from completing certain work. However, this doesn’t mean the employer can exclude you from other tasks within your capacities. If you’re kept out of the loop, consistently overlooked for promotions, or excluded from project teams, you know that your superior discriminates against you. This is unlawful and unethical—you have the right to work and gain professional experience.

Keep these common ways employers discriminate against disabilities in mind as you go about your career. If you or someone you know experiences these discriminatory practices, you must find legal counsel. If you need a disability attorney in Boise, Idaho, our team at Rossman Law Group is ready to defend you.