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What Is Your Next Step After an SSDI Denial of Benefits?

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) is a crucial source of income for individuals with disabilities. If you’ve recently been denied disability benefits, you have legal recourse to appeal that decision. Rossman Law Group is dedicated to fighting discrimination in all forms. What is your next step after an SSDI denial of benefits? Let’s explore your options.

Appeal the Determination

When you receive the letter denying you SSDI benefits, you have 60 days to appeal that decision. This is called a request for reconsideration, and can entail further examination by a Social Security medical examiner. They’ll go over your file again, but unless you’ve been hospitalized or had major surgery in those 60 days, you may be denied for a second time.

Request a Hearing

You may not need an attorney to make your initial appeal. But if you’re denied disability benefits a second time, Rossman Law Group can help you take your case to a judge. We offer premier discrimination lawyers, employment law attorneys, and experts in SSDI cases. When the judge approves your request for a hearing, that court date may be a few weeks or months in the future. As you wait to argue your case, consult with your attorney on the best steps to take moving forward.

Due to the pandemic, many administrative law hearings take place via phone or video calls. You have a right to a face-to-face hearing, but if you want to appear before the judge in person, you may have to wait longer for your court date. Face-to-face hearings are a prime opportunity for the judge to see your disabling condition with their own eyes—which could affect the outcome!

Work With Your Attorney

Your attorney will be your most valuable research during this process. They will encourage you to gather medical documents and evidence of your disability. The lawyer you hire with Rossman Law Group has behind-the-scenes knowledge of employment law, disability discrimination, and Social Security benefits that will help you. If your request is denied a second time, don’t give up hope—we can fight for you before the Social Security Appeals Council or your local US district court.

A denial of benefits can be demoralizing, especially when those benefits are your main source of income. Don’t give up, though. Enlist the help of an attorney with specialized knowledge of Social Security and disability benefits. You deserve the best representation possible.

Now you know some of your next steps after an SSDI denial of benefits; call us now to take that first step.