Proving Emotional and Psychological Trauma
Proving Emotional and Psychological Trauma
November 13, 2020
What You Need To Prove Pharmaceutical Malpractice
What You Need To Prove Pharmaceutical Malpractice
November 30, 2020

Every woman who wants to become pregnant deserves to experience a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Though there can be many hurdles along the way, your doctor should always there to help. However, this isn’t always the case and your doctor may be to blame for your birth injuries or complications. This is what is considered obstetric malpractice.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Because pregnancy involves a woman and her baby, there are ample ways for misdiagnosis to occur. The mother could receive a misdiagnosis related to her symptoms or issues during pregnancy. Obstetricians can also misdiagnose the woman during childbirth, which can result in negligent medical care. Doctors can likewise misdiagnose the child with various issues, such as a birth defect or genetic disorder. All these cases cause undue distress and inaccurate medical care, so there are often grounds for legal action.

Birth Injury

Childbirth is brutal and every woman will attest to its incredible pain and challenge. Yet, this process can become even worse when handled by a negligent physician. Medical errors during pregnancy can result in the premature birth of the child, birth defects in the child, or birth injury to the mother. These injuries can include unnecessary surgeries and anesthetic negligence during labor resulting in undue physical or psychological distress for the mother—especially if surgical negligence occurs during a C-section. No matter what form these injuries take, it’s a result of incompetent or inattentive medical care.

Prescription Error

Doctors are responsible to ascertain information, complete a diagnosis, and craft a treatment plan. These treatments often include writing prescriptions for patients to take. However, doctors can write erroneous scripts and give you the wrong medication during pregnancy. The effects of this oversight can be quite significant. A prescription error can also occur due to a failure to address a patient’s history, which will impact both the treatment and pregnancy. Complications due to hypertension, diabetes, and other reproductive issues often result in the mother’s personal injury.

Know what is considered obstetric malpractice so you can prepare yourself for legal action. If you need an Idaho birth injury attorney, reach out to our legal team at Rossman Law Group for more information.