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Types of Lawyers and When You Should Get One

We cannot control most of life’s unfortunate situations. Accidents, injuries, and death are some common occurrences that can be followed by a lot of legal procedures. Law is not always easy to understand even though online resources are available for research. Also, because different states have different laws, it can be hard to navigate your local legal system.

It is true that not all issues require an attorney. You can represent yourself in minor cases, for example, in a small claims court. It might be hard sometimes to figure out whether you need an attorney or not. Below are some common scenarios where you should contact an attorney.


  • If you want to start or sell a business
  • If you’re going to write a will
  • Tax issues
  • If you have been arrested or are being questioned by the police
  • Discrimination or harassment at the workplace
  • If you have incurred a personal injury or property destroyed during an accident
  • Family disputes such as custody or divorce


For one to qualify as an attorney, a lot of studying and testing is required. However, not all attorneys are going to be able to help you with all of the situations described above. Different legal problems require different types of lawyers. Just in case you were confused about which lawyer to go to, below is a list of the various types of lawyers to choose from.


  1. Personal Injury Lawyers: A personal injury attorney provides legal representation for a plaintiff to receive compensation for physical or psychological injuries caused by another party. In such cases, the damage is as a result of the carelessness or negligence of a person or company. A plaintiff will receive compensation for suffering any loss, whether it is financial, emotional, or physical due to the actions of the other person.
  2. Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Medical malpractice is when a healthcare provider or medical professional acts in a way that is below his or her career standards. Medicine is a delicate industry where a simple act of omission or misdiagnosis can result in death or other severe physical damage. In such cases, the patient might decide to sue the hospital and will need a medical malpractice attorney.
  3. Civil Rights Lawyer: A civil rights lawyer is one who fights to protect the rights of others. There are various types of civil rights attorneys. Some lawyers deal with harassment at work, child support, gender/sex discrimination, among other cases. Civil rights is a sensitive issue in our country. Three out of ten cases before the EEOC in 2016 were sex discrimination cases. Be sure to understand where your argument falls to get the correct civil rights lawyer for your situation.
  4. Estate Planning Lawyer: If you feel you are approaching your sunset years and need to write up a will, the appropriate person to ask for guidance is an estate planning attorney. Estate planning lawyers also help in developing trusts if you are keen on providing financially for your children in the future.
  5. Tax Lawyer: If you have any tax problems, you should seek the advice of a tax attorney. A tax lawyer is conversant with local, federal, and state tax laws.
  6. Family Lawyer: A family attorney is someone who specializes in family cases such as divorce, child custody cases, and spousal support cases, among others. If you are in the middle of or about to be in a family dispute, a family lawyer should be your first contact.


Other types of lawyers include contract lawyers, general practice lawyer, civil litigation lawyer, criminal lawyers, social security disability lawyers, and many others.

Attorneys are not that difficult to find, but good lawyers are. The first step to getting a good lawyer is to reach out to your friends or relatives who have been in the same situation or know any good attorneys that they can recommend to you. You can also search online for reputable law firms that have expert attorneys who can deal with your case.

Please, note that the information on this article should not be construed as legal advice. For any legal matters, seek the advice of a legal attorney near you.