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March 5, 2015
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August 8, 2017


In January 2016, RLG recovered by settlement the sum of $3.9 million from a California hospital on behalf of a client. The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court for the State of California, Los Angeles County, Central District and asserted claims on behalf of a child who suffered permanent injuries from the delayed diagnosis and treatment of septic shock when she was four-months of age. In the lawsuit, it was alleged that the hospital failed to properly train its staff and providers regarding applicable standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of septic shock. It was further alleged that the hospital’s physicians and nursing staff failed to properly and timely recognize clear signs and symptoms and to aggressively treat the condition.  As a result, the child suffered permanent organ damage.

RLG provides representation throughout the United States to people who have suffered serious, permanent injuries as a result of the negligence of others. In the month of January 2016 alone, RLG has recovered over $5 million in compensation for its clients.