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You rely on medical professionals to do their job with the utmost care and attention. However, negligent physicians are out there, and they may have hurt you. If you received negligent care from a physician or surgeon during an operation, refer to these critical steps to proving hysterectomy negligence.

What Is Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is when a medical professional performs their duties below the standard for their industry and specialization. This sub-par care often leads to patient harm and injury, which is the express opposite of what doctors should do to their patients. Everyone from surgeons to nurses can harm patients due to negligence and inattention to their work, so you should be on the lookout for any low-quality care.

Common Hysterectomy Errors

Hysterectomies remove part or all of a woman’s uterus. Though the surgery in and of itself is quite serious, any resulting complications can be even more dangerous. The uterus exists in the lower abdomen around some vital organs, such as the bladder. In fact, bladder injury is one of the most common hysterectomy errors that can have lasting effects on the body, such as incontinence. Many negligent doctors can also allow bacteria into your body during surgery. These post-operative infections can become dangerous and cause your body to turn septic. If you believe that your doctor acted negligently during your hysterectomy, you can and should seek legal support.

How To Prove It

Proving anything in a legal setting requires a verified array of evidence. Without this foundation of information, you will not have a solid case. You must first establish the physician’s negligence through the expert witness of a competent professional in the same specialization. This testimony proves the standard of care and reinforces your story. You must also show through medical documentation that the actions of the negligent doctor caused your injury. With these two aspects of the negligence proven, it is easier to establish the rest of your side of the events.

When proving hysterectomy negligence, you must lay out all the facts. Without an exact sequence of substandard medical care, injurious action, and tangible consequences, it is hard to win a case. You should consult a lawyer to organize and build your case. Reach out to our team of hospital negligence attorneys at Rossman Law Group to find a path forward.