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How You Can Help Your Car Accident Attorney Win Your Case

Following a car accident, you’ll likely have a lot of thoughts and concerns running through your mind. It may feel as if your case is completely in the hands of your accident attorney and that you can’t do anything to help.

In reality, there is plenty that a client can do to help their lawyer win the case. Know these simple ways that you can help your lawyer help you, and you’ll never feel useless in your own case again.

Be open

To be as successful in court as possible, your lawyer needs to know every tiny detail about your case. Even something that seems minor to you can take your lawyer by surprise while they’re in court and jeopardize your case. Disclose the entire situation to your lawyer, including your fears or any potential loopholes in your case. If your accident attorney is prepared for these possible bumps, they’ll be able to overcome them much more smoothly than if they didn’t know.

Have picture and video evidence

In this modern age, the evidence gathered with cell phones has been known to make or break a case. If you are in a car accident, first make sure that everyone involved is safe and that you’ve called the necessary authorities. Then, take as many photos and videos of the scene as possible. Be sure to also note things like the weather and condition of the road, as these small details can be integral to your case. This irrefutable evidence will go far in proving your claim and shortening the time it takes for you to get a settlement.

Practice discretion

As long as your case is still ongoing, you should avoid talking about it as much as possible. When you brag or vent about an open case to coworkers or friends, you could inadvertently give away your accident attorney’s strategies to the opposing party. You should also avoid voicing any apologies or admissions of guilt about the case as soon as the accident happens. The other lawyer could easily use anything close to an admission of guilt to shift the blame in your direction.

About 52% of personal injury lawsuits are automobile accidents, so your personal injury lawyer will already have plenty of experience in your type of case. You can make your chances of winning even higher when you follow these tips and trust an experienced attorney from Rossman Law Group.