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December 31, 2019
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Over 3 million people get injured in auto-related accidents each year. This figure is from a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Soft-tissue injuries make up the vast majority of reported car accident injuries. Notably, the above figure does not include fatalities that result from road accidents. A 2017 report by the same agency revealed that 40,100 people had died in car accidents that year.

The seriousness of the situation is evident based on the fact that the 2017 figure is close to the yearly national road-related fatalities average. So, who’s really to blame for all the carnage on U.S. roads? Are you to blame for reckless driving? Are defective safety features on vehicles to blame? Are auto manufacturers to blame for making faulty cars? This article will provide you with information on filing auto-accident claims.

Auto-related Case Categories

Auto-related accident cases fall into two broad categories. The first category concerns auto insurance claims. Insurance companies do, at times, deny claims on insured vehicles. Grounds for denial include accidents occurring outside the area of coverage and drivers accruing repeated moving violations. Limitations on insurance coverage do also occur whereby car owners get a partial liability on their cover. Accident lawyers know that the full or partial denial of insurance claims is a significant blow. This outcome is especially unbearable to a car owner forced to face the aftermath of a serious accident.

This is why hiring an accident attorney will help you secure a full claim for your car. To succeed in an insurance claim case, the accident lawyer you hire must adequately disapprove of the grounds for the denial or limitation of your cover. Ultimately, the compensation you receive allows you to cater for repairs to your car and pay personal medical bills. You also secure funds to reimburse other victims for claims arising from injuries incurred during the accident.

The second category revolves around personal injury cases. In this category, auto-accident victims hire the services of a personal injury attorney to help them seek compensation for injuries suffered. As an accident victim, you have high chances of filing a successful personal injury suit. This outcome is why you need to familiarize yourself with common auto-related injuries. The next section looks at injuries in personal injury lawsuits.

Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

The two recognized types of auto accident injuries are impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Penetrating injuries occur when sharp and/or abrasive objects inside the car pierce the skin causing cuts and scrapes. Such injuries usually take a short time to heal, with victims incurring minimal medical expenses. Penetration injuries do not provide suitable grounds for personal injury suits. However, an excellent personal injury attorney can find viable ways with which to a personal injury lawsuit.

Impact injuries occur when body parts forcefully hit the interior of the car. In an accident, your head can end up hitting the steering wheel, a passenger’s knees can hit the dashboard, and so forth. Internal injuries occur when the force of impact exerts brutal strain on muscles, bones, blood vessels, tendons, and body organs. Damage that occurs inside the body takes a long time to heal and often results in high medical costs. This is what makes impact injuries more suited to personal injury cases.

Auto accident injuries to the spinal cord, the head, the neck, and the chest are sufficient grounds to seek out an accident attorney. Injuries to the spinal cord injury may present with symptoms that include a dull persistent pain in the neck, upper back, mid-back, or lower back.

Do not hesitate to call an accident attorney if you exhibit signs of head injury. Unusual symptoms include speech and language impairment, ghost smells, audio and visual hallucinations, partial and complete blindness.

In Conclusion

If you are an auto accident victim with spinal-cord, head, neck, and/or chest injuries, then you can file a successful personal injury suit. However, it is advisable to do so within two years from the time of the accident. Doing so enables your accident attorney to handle your case accordingly and without worrying about the statute of limitations.