What You Need To Prove a Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit
What You Need To Prove a Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit
March 18, 2021
How To File a Lawsuit Against Someone
How To File a Lawsuit Against Someone
April 9, 2021

Common Personal Injury Cases That Involve Children

Your children are one of your top priorities in life, and you always try to protect them. Yet, terrible accidents can still happen where kids suffer the consequences. These are the most common personal injury cases that involve children.

Birth Injury

Even from the beginning of their lives, children can experience a personal injury. They needn’t be conscious to experience life-altering harm. A birth injury occurs when medical staff delivers your child in an unsafe or incorrect way, causing bodily damage to your newborn. As a new parent, you already have a whirlwind of mixed emotions. The last thing you should need to deal with is a life-changing birth injury that affects your child for their entire life.

Daycare Negligence

Childcare is a necessity, especially for families with working parents. You entrust a qualified individual with your child for the day while you put in your hours. Though there are hundreds of perfectly good, well-functioning daycares, some employ unsavory staff who either neglect or actively hurt children in their care. Childcare laws and policies require childcare organizations to operate with safety standards and procedures in place. Otherwise, daycare negligence can result in harm to a child. Any daycare that overlooks children in their care or actively abuses them fails to uphold their duties, and plaintiffs should seek legal action against them.

Drowning Accident

Pools, lakes, ponds, oceans—many children grow up around bodies of water. Yet, most do not know how to swim or are too young to hold their own in the water. Strict rules exist for how homeowners should enclose their pools or lifeguards patrol beaches to ensure all people’s safety. However, drowning accidents do happen, and they likely occur because people fail to manage their water areas.

Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are great pets, but they can also turn into violent beasts under the wrong circumstances. There are enough aggressive, gnashing dogs out there that most states have dog bite laws to keep these occurrences in check. However, children are some of the most vulnerable humans and cannot fend for themselves against an angry canine. Kids can suffer anything from broken bones to bite wounds to permanent nerve damage, all because of a poorly handled dog. No child should suffer from an animal, and those who fall victim to this type of violence should find legal help.

These common personal injury cases that involve children are not simple accidents. If your family experienced a tragedy, you deserve rightful compensation. Reach out to our team of Idaho attorneys at Rossman Law Group today.