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November 15, 2021
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What Protections Are in Place for Whistleblowers?
December 6, 2021

What rights do you have as a worker? The right to be paid for your labor is perhaps the most important. Idaho’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour—the same as the federal minimum wage. If you work overtime or outside your scheduled hours, your employer must pay you time and a half for those hours. If they aren’t doing so, the state allows you to file a wage claim. Here are a few tips for reporting unpaid wages in Idaho.

Talk to Your Employer

Read your pay stubs carefully, and compare them to past ones. If you notice a discrepancy, talk first to your employer to see if you can iron it out; perhaps it was a mistake in payroll or a mathematical error. If your boss insists that nothing is wrong—even though there is—it’s time to take the next step.

Hire an Attorney

To take on your supervisor and receive the compensation you deserve, you’ll need an ally in court. That’s where Rossman Law Group comes in; our staff includes the best employment attorneys in Boise, Idaho, and we’ve spent years guiding folks like you through these tricky cases.

Know the Policy

You have the right to receive notification of any reduction in pay or change in policy before you work those hours. Your supervisor can claim that your pay stub counts as a notification of reduced pay, but you can still seek compensation for any hours you worked prior to that notification. Check your employee handbook or any related paperwork to see if the employer has made their policies clear.

Choose Your Route

When you hire an employment attorney, they can review your case with you and present you with a few options. You may be able to file a formal wage claim with the Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL) or take your supervisor to small claims court. Be aware, however, that if you file your complaint with IDOL, you forfeit your right to file a civil complaint.

File Quickly

An unpaid wages suit or complaint can leave you tangled up in red tape. If an employment law attorney confirms that you have a case, you have two years from the date the claim arose to file that complaint. Gather your evidence and work with your attorney on a plan, but don’t wait too long to do it!

If you believe that you have not received fair compensation for your labor, give Rossman Law Group a call for a free consultation. Remember these tips for reporting unpaid wages in Idaho as you go over your case to determine whether to take it to court.