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5 Crucial Steps Involved in Car Accident Lawsuits

Are you aware that car accidents are the leading cause of death among healthy U.S. citizens? On average, there are over 3,000 auto vehicle accidents in the U.S. per month, which result in over 90 deaths a day as well as leaving millions with permanent injuries or disabilities every year.

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, car accidents account for 52%. Car accidents can alter the course of one’s life in an instant. This is because they are traumatic, and the injuries that may ensue may render you unable to proceed with your life normally. As a result, accident victims may be unable to fend for themselves and their dependents or even enjoy their leisure activities and their loved ones as well.

Therefore, victims of car accidents should be compensated for such damages. However, the process is not straight forward, and there are steps to follow. Read on to find crucial insight into the process.

Seek Treatment

Immediately after an accident, the priority should be the health of everyone involved in the ordeal. Ensure that those who need urgent treatment are transported to a nearby hospital. Those who have sustained minor injuries can wait for paramedics and law enforcement to arrive.

Begin Initial Investigations

If you have not suffered any serious injuries and remain at the scene of the accident, begin the initial investigations. This involves taking as many pictures of the scene, talking to witnesses, and noting down their names and contact information.

Do not wait for the police to carry out this part for you. This is because once they arrive at the scene, their top priority will be to get traffic moving and clean up the area. Survey the area to see if there are businesses with surveillance cameras to find out if the accident was caught on tape.

It is important to do all this early on before the scene is tampered with or some witnesses leave. These details will help you and your accident attorney as you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

Get in Touch with a Boise Car Accident Lawyer

Law is a diverse field, and lawyers specialize in particular areas. As such, to help you with your case, it is important that you hire an experienced accident attorney. Their experience and knowledge of the intricate details involving personal injuries caused by car accidents will be invaluable for your suit.

After the accident, you will receive plenty of calls from insurance adjusters. The purpose of such calls will be to:

    • Find out exactly what caused the accident.
    • Request you to issue a statement.
    • Offer settlements.

Insurance adjusters are employees of insurance companies, and their primary objective is to reduce the amount paid out in settlements by their company as much as possible. As such, they may try to get you to issue a statement or coerce you to accept an offer that is not fair.

A Boise personal injury attorney will deal with the insurance adjusters on your behalf and advise you during negotiations.

Medical Investigation

It is important to continue with treatment for your injuries after the ordeal. Your personal injury attorney will follow up on your treatment progress. They will order the records from your doctor to find out if your injuries have healed or you will be forced to live with some pain.

This information is crucial as you calculate the compensation you deserve. As such, you should follow up with treatment schedules religiously as failure to do so may compromise your suit.

With this information, you will submit a demand for settlement to the insurance company via your accident attorney.

Settlement or Lawsuit

After negotiations with insurance adjusters, your attorney may advise you to accept their offer if it is fair or fail a lawsuit if it’s unacceptable. In the event you file a lawsuit, the case will go to a discovery period and then a mediation phase before it goes to trial.

Remember that the information noted above is not legal advice from Rossman Law Group. This information is to be taken as a broad and generic view and every case is different so you should always seek an accident attorney for legal advice on their specific case.