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3 Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be very serious, resulting in head injuries, brain injuries and even death. Statistics show that 1/3 of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers, and can include running a motorcycle off the road or turning in front of them. You will also find that over 50% of riders were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, dramatically increasing the risk involved when out on the road.

Because of the vulnerability of a motorcyclist during an accident, these collisions tend to be significantly more serious than car accidents. Many motorcycle collisions are indeed fatal, and others cause debilitating, life changing injuries. It is important that if you or a loved one have been injured in such an accident, that you contact an Idaho motorcycle accident attorney quickly.

Motorcycle accidents are considered to be more dangerous for victims than car accidents for many reasons, including:

1. Less Protection For The Cyclist

In case of a collision, you will find that the motorcyclist often comes off worse in terms of injuries than those in the other vehicle involved. During an accident, the passenger in the car is often protected by the frame of the car. The vehicle shields them from all debris; plus, most cars contain safety features such as air bags and seatbelts. A motorcycle however lacks these features, so the rider is much more at risk.

2. Less Braking Power on a Motorcycle

Many motorcycle accidents are due to problematic brakes. Even when the rider applies the brakes, you will find that the bike can easily spin out of control. Cars have much stronger brake systems than motorcycles.

Injuries sustained from sliding can be severe, requiring urgent medical attention. Often in the case of a motorcycle accident, the rider is thrown away from the motorcycle, causing other injuries. A motorcycle accident attorney can be helpful in determining if faulty or problematic brakes could form the basis of a product liability claim.

3. The Rider Has Less Control Over the Vehicle

Another reason why motorcycle accidents can be more dangerous when compared to car accidents is due to the steering capabilities. Statistics show that over 25% of motorcycle accidents include roadside objects such as street signs and road markers. Motorcycles have very sensitive steering when compared to that of a car, so when the rider is startled, it is very easy to steer off into a nearby object.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident involving another party then you should certainly consider consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer. At the Rossman Law Group, we will work with you to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, as well as guiding you through the legal process so you feel fully supported at all times.

Whether you have been involved in a head on collision or an accident caused by another driver, a motorcycle injury lawyer is vital if you want to get compensated for your loss. Contact us today, we are ready to assist you with your case.